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Welcome to our blog documenting the construction of two new houses in Asylum Road, Peckham. The design of the scheme can be seen on our website.

These have been named the Laundry Houses. During the design phases of the project, we found that there had been a laundry on the site of Albert Way, the road that the new houses will open onto. The laundry theme has informed the material and design decisions we have been making.

Over the coming months we will be posting photographs of the construction process and images of things that have influenced and informed the design.

Come back regularly to follow our progress, or visit to find out more about us and our work.

Friday, 31 May 2013

A pic from Chris on site today......the trench box has moved revealing our new all happens in a day!!!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Back lightwell to the north house. The extra upstand denotes where the solid timber external above ground walls will sit.

Both lightwells seen from the side still with the trench boxes which are about to be taken out and repositioned for the next pour & precast units.

Shuttering off the back lightwell walls poured in situ as seen from the new back gardens to the houses.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Today was our first pour of in-situ concrete walls. Unfortunately the rain wasn't our friend but we wanted to get the pour done so that it can cure over the bank holiday weekend. This will allow us to move the trench boxes next week. The area seen is to the rear light wells which are smaller, more complex bits to do in a more bespoke manner before the precast panels appear to do the more regular boundary wall conditions.

Martin prodding down a pour

The reinforcing bars inside the formwork awaiting the concrete

The make up of the reusable shuttering panels

Making the pour.......the recycled plastic hoarding panels find another use

Monday, 20 May 2013

Martin in a trench box with our first reinforcement bars and drainage awaiting the initial concrete pour of the job.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Martin in the brand new 13 ton grabber loading the muck away truck.......its not a tonka toy !

Two trench boxes in to the rear of the houses constructing the back light wells and side walls to the steps down from the back garden.

Trench fill "boxes" being installed

Trench fill panels awaiting installation 

Diagram showing the pre cast concrete side wall technique that the majority of the site is now employing to make the basement.

Bricks carefully stacked from the existing garden wall to no 14 ready to be reinstated as a single skin on completion of the building 

The hole from which the sycamore came.....but with no cracking or undermining of the exiting back wall. Maybe thats why it was decayed as it was being held back by this strong victorian wall. 
The hollowed out area of decay as seen in the trunk of the felled tree

This diagram shows the decay in the sycamore to no 14 from the scan that was done.
Arboculturalist demonstrating the scanning technique now available to determine decaying parts of trees. Its a similar technology to having MRI scan on a muscle injury or whatever
The diseased sycamore tree roots (about a third of them!) to No 14 Asylum Rd's back garden after the final 3m trunk and root ball were removed. 

The steel sheet pile sections neatly stacked on site to shore up the basements junction with Albert Way