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Welcome to our blog documenting the construction of two new houses in Asylum Road, Peckham. The design of the scheme can be seen on our website.

These have been named the Laundry Houses. During the design phases of the project, we found that there had been a laundry on the site of Albert Way, the road that the new houses will open onto. The laundry theme has informed the material and design decisions we have been making.

Over the coming months we will be posting photographs of the construction process and images of things that have influenced and informed the design.

Come back regularly to follow our progress, or visit to find out more about us and our work.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A rather Bruegalesque view of the site from the rear gardens yesterday. The trench boxes setting the pre cast wall panels are now firing along. Once the pour is made of the slab on Thursday the area the digger is sitting on will be dug out and the two side slabs connected giving us more space for material storage. After this operations will be moving towards retaining the street to the front. When this is done the final push for our end of September conclusion of the basement contract will be to connect the back and front together while installing the drainage sumps etc.

Latest pre cast wall panels to the right (trench box to the left) with reinforcing bars in place to accept the casting of the latest piece of main basement floor slab. The thickness of the slab can be seen form the last pour in the background
Drainage pipes and ducting for servicing now on site to be cast in to the basement slab.

Two steel beams on site to be encased in concrete and to support the pre cast stairs from the lower courtyard to the back garden. These stairs are now on order. Brilliantly the steels fit fine! 

Mesh for the floor slab being moved into place with our new doka shuttering panels for the in situ concrete elements in the left hand bottom corner 

Friday, 12 July 2013

One off Basements Team inspecting the concrete pour and vertical pre cast panels.

Pre cast vertical panels being secured by in situ cast concrete slab floor.

Pre cast panels now on site

Thursday, 4 July 2013


The first of our pre cast panels arriving at site today ready to shore up the the boundary basement walls.


A pic from Chris on site showing a trench box being maneuvered in.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


The final bit of foundation for the back brickwork garden walls being formed.


We now have a working area to no 18 Asylum Rd and the site is looking nice and clear to begin putting trench boxes in along the boundary walls. The pre cast panels will start arriving tomorrow !